Pop-up Globe NZ Winter Festival School Matinees


Pop-up Globe School Matinees for Auckland winter festival:

After playing to over 600,000 people across Australasia in just three years, Auckland’s smash-hit sensation Pop-up Globe is hosting its first ever Winter Festival, now with a roof and heated auditorium.

We are excited to announce that there will also be school matinee performances of both the most famous play in the canon, Hamlet, and uproariously funny comedy, Twelfth Night.

Productions will feature stunning bespoke Jacobean costumes, a specially-designed touring set that recreates the beautiful scenic design of Pop-up Globe Auckland, and the extraordinary lively performances of Shakespeare’s masterworks by a highly-experienced cast that have won the company awards across Australasia, including eight theatre awards in Sydney last year.


Shakespeare’s most brilliant comedy Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night is given a fresh lease of life in this new production directed for the 2019 Winter Festival by Pop-up Globe’s award-winning Artistic Director Miles Gregory.

Two twins, shipwrecked and separated, are cast ashore in a strange land where love and madness are in the very air. Each believing the other to be dead, they embark on extraordinary adventures that will lead them both to true love and an unforgettable reconciliation…

Shakespeares comedy masterpiece, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A firm favourite of all ages, enchanting audiences with a brilliant mix of hilarious comedy and beautiful poetry. This new production, directed by Pop-up Globe’s Artistic Director and founder Dr Miles Gregory, fuses spectacular Jacobean costumes with Maori folklore to create our flagship production for the Pop-up Globe Winter Season.

Oppressed by a brutal dictatorship, four lovers escape a death sentence by fleeing to an ancient forest. Elsewhere in the woods, a group of tradies secretly meet to indulge their love of amateur drama. But there’re more than just trees in this forest. Ancient creatures of myth and legend haunt the dark corners of the woods, and they love nothing more than causing trouble…

School matinee tickets are limited so book quickly.