Presented by the Pop-up Globe Somerset’s Company

“Where two raging fires meet together / They do consume the thing that feeds their fury …”

Shakespeare’s most controversial comedy, The Taming of the Shrew challenges audiences with a hilarious and fiery power struggle between the sexes. Adorned in beautiful Jacobean period costumes, Pop-up Globe’s Somerset’s Company view the patriarchal norms of the 16th century through a modern day lens in this cut-throat comedy.

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An intelligent, outspoken, wealthy woman and a rude, misogynistic drunkard, determined to secure his fortune are misled into a hasty marriage. The power struggle begins when he sets himself the task of “taming” his headstrong bride to turn her into his view of the “perfect wife.”

The story that inspired pop-culture film, 10 Things I Hate About You and easily Shakespeare’s most controversial comedy, Pop-up Globe’s Somerset’s Company reflect on a four-hundred-year-old chauvinistic story with a modern 21st century lens. Is Shakespeare subverting audience expectations with a cunning piece of proto-feminism, or is he reinforcing the patriarchal norms of the society he lived in?

Performed in stunning Jacobean period dress, the Somerset’s Company are a mixed company of male and female actors from around the world. Working with international theatre experts and creatives, they will transport you four hundred years into the past for the extraordinary experience of seeing Shakespeare’s plays performed in the space for which they were written.

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