Presented by the Pop-up Globe Somerset’s Company
Directed by Dr Miles Gregory
Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes (includes 15 minute interval)

It’s unsettling to find such a merciless man so damned endearing. Try to resist Richard III’s charms as he murders his way through the night at Pop-up Globe. It’s Shakespeare’s American Psycho. Minus the chainsaw, luckily, because the action is in your face.

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When the state is weak, unscrupulous politicians can become powerful leaders. In a world where no one believes that such an inappropriate candidate could ever rise to power, Richard Duke of Gloucester plays upon his own reputation and shamelessly manipulates, extorts and executes his way to the top.

In all of Shakespeare’s work, there is surely no villain more likeable than Richard III. It’s easy to see where the inspiration came from for the hit television series, House of Cards, as Richard overcomes apparently impossible odds to rise from obscurity to the giddy heights of kingship. Originally written around 1593, Richard III is both a genuinely funny black comedy as well as a striking and pungent morality tale for our own uncertain times.

Performed in stunning Jacobean period dress, the Somerset’s Company are a mixed company of male and female actors from around the world. Working with international theatre experts and creatives, they will transport you four hundred years into the past for the extraordinary experience of seeing Shakespeare’s plays performed in the space for which they were written.

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