Presented by the Pop-up Globe Pembroke’s Company.

“Liberty! Freedom! Tyranny is dead!”

In a world where ambitious politicians vie for the ultimate prize, sometimes the only way to stop your rival is by revolution. But what is the price of revolt? Shining a mirror on dirty politics, Pop-up Globe’s gender-reversed, female-led Pembroke’s Company draws back the veil to show the darkness within in the gripping tragedy of Julius Caesar.

The world’s greatest empire is compromised when a faction of the senators of Rome can no longer tolerate the excesses of their wildly popular but wildly unpredictable leader.

A female politician at the height of her game, Caesar is loved by the people. But her colleagues Brutus and Cassius fear Caesar’s domineering personality and politics will culminate in her seizing absolute power. Seeking to free Rome from a tyrant, their plot to assassinate Caesar will instead plunge the country into a civil war so dark that no one can tell the difference between freedom fighter and terrorist, patriot and traitor, or even friend and enemy.

Based on true events in Roman history, the political turmoil of Julius Caesar has remained chillingly topical from its first performance in 1599 right up until the present day.

A powerful exploration of gender and role reversal, the Pembroke’s Company is a blend of men playing women and, flipping tradition on its head, women playing men. A company of 11 women, playing the male characters in the original play as women, and 2 men who play the female parts in the original play as men, work with top theatre experts worldwide to transport you 400 years into the past for the extraordinary experience of seeing Shakespeare’s plays performed in the space for which they were written.

Please note that Julius Caesar contains graphic violence and is not recommended for young children.