“If they try to burn you, may your fire be stronger than theirs”

We are very excited to announce the international premiere of the London smash-hit play EMILIA, by Morgan Lloyd Malcom, set to take the stage in March 2020 at the Anthony Harper Pop-up Globe Theatre.

Emilia was first written and performed at Shakespeare’s Globe, London on 10th August 2018

Emilia became the hottest ticket in town before transferring to the West End for a critically acclaimed season this year.

400 years ago, in Shakespeare’s London, Emilia Bassano wanted her voice to be heard. It wasn’t. Could she have been the “Dark Lady” of Shakespeare’s sonnets? What of her own poems? Why was her story erased from history? Emilia and her sisters reach out to us across the centuries with passion, fury, laughter and song. Listen to them. Let them inspire and unite us.

Directed by award-winning kiwi director and actor Miriama McDowell and featuring a diverse cast of powerful women, Emilia is a theatrical spectacular that “rouses its audience to a pitch of fervour” (The Guardian), and is “a firecracker of a play” (The Times).

We are proud that Emilia will be the last play to be performed in the Anthony Harper Pop-up Globe theatre before it is dismantled.

Emilia will preview on Wed 4th March 2020, open on Thursday 5th March, and close two weeks later on Sunday 22nd March.

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