Enhance your knowledge with our insightful videos that provide a glimpse into the Pop-up Globe world.

The making of: Hamlet
Go behind the scenes as Pop-up Globe recreates the most famous play in history.

Hamlet elevator pitch
Hop into an elevator with actors Adrian Hooke (Hamlet) and Summer Millett (Ophelia) as they attempt to cram the plot of Hamlet into five floors! Can they do it? Watch and find out!

The making of: Measure for Measure
Take a peek behind-the-scenes at Pop-up Globe as we chat the team behind our all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza Measure for Measure.

Measure for Measure elevator pitch
A nun seeking justice, a duke in disguise, seedy brothels and… singing and dancing? Join actors Frith Horan (Pompey) and Max Loban (Lucio) as they give you a crash course on the plot of Measure for Measure – all in five floors!

Behind the scenes: Frons scenae
Go behind the scenes with Head of Research David Lawrence and Head of Scenic Design Malcolm Dale to see what goes into creating Pop-up Globe’s spectacular scenic front.

Behind the scenes: Wardrobe Department
Catch a behind-the-scenes look at our wondrous wardrobe department, where we make more than 500 new costume pieces each season.

The making of: The Taming of the Shrew
Take a peek behind the scenes of Shakespeare’s rip roaring romantic comedy The Taming of the Shrew with the show’s directors, actors and production team.

The making of: Richard III
Hear from the director, actors and production team of Richard III how the show was put together.

Pop-up Globe’s Somerset’s Company: Guess the word
What’s a moldwarp, a slug-abed, a losel and a fistula? Play ‘Guess The Word’ with the Pop-up Globe cast as Shakespeare’s wild words roll trippingly off their tongues.

Richard III elevator pitch
Our cast have 20 seconds to tell the story of Richard III before the elevator gets to the ground floor. Can they do it?