• Can I book online?

    Yes. Please first find the event you would like to attend from our production listings, and then click the Buy Tickets button. Please be aware that as you will be purchasing your tickets from Eventfinda you will be bound by Eventfinda’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy so make sure you are comfortable with those before proceeding to buy your tickets.

  • I have a ticketing enquiry – who should I contact?

    All Pop-up Globe tickets are handled by our ticketing partner, Eventfinda. If you have an enquiry you should visit Eventfinda’s Help and Support Centre here.

  • My tickets have been lost or stolen, can I replace them?

    Yes. Please call Eventfinda on 0800 BUY TIX (289 849) for further assistance.

  • Can I get a refund if I change my mind, or if the performance date is no longer suitable for me?

    Generally we do cannot guarantee refunds or exchanges, except when a performance has been cancelled or rescheduled, or where New Zealand Consumer Law & Rights applies. Refunds and exchange requests are subject to conditions that are outlined in our Purchase Policy which you can view here.

  •  What if my performance is cancelled?

    If your performance is cancelled you will be notified with as much notice as possible to then choose another session to attend.

  • Can I exchange my tickets?

    Generally we do cannot guarantee refunds or exchanges, except when a performance has been cancelled or rescheduled, or where New Zealand Consumer Law & Rights applies. Refunds and exchange requests are subject to conditions that are outlined in our Purchase Policy which you can view here.


  • How do I book accessible seating?

    Wheelchair bookings are available on the seating map on specially allocated areas.

    For any other concerns regarding accessible seating, please direct all enquiries to boxoffice@popupglobe.co.nz

  • What access and parking is available for people with disabilities?


    For those who require mobility parking, please enter via Gate 3 (Ascot Avenue) and follow the signs to Pop-up Globe. The mobility parking is located along the fence line next to the theatre entrance. There is signage to indicate mobility parking spots.

    There will be pedestrians on site so please ensure you drive slowly when making your way to your parking space.

    Bathroom Facilities

    There are bathroom facilities in the Shakespeare Gardens within the Pop-up Globe. Additional bathroom can be found on Level 1 of Ellerslie Stand, accessible by elevator or in the Winning Post bar in Ascot Stand.

    Level Access

    Level access is located opposite Ellerslie Stand. From this entrance there is a level walkway through the site to the theatre.

    Level access to the Playhouse is via a ramp through the North facing Lower gallery entrance which leads directly into the Yard. There is a second ramp up to the wheelchair section which is located in the front row of D reserve seating as per your tickets.

    We aim to be welcoming and accessible to all and are continually updating and improving our provisions for diverse audiences.

    For further advice on access, specialised services or seating for visually or hearing impaired, please don’t hesitate to contact us at boxoffice@popupglobe.co.nz.

  • Is there audio description of the shows?

    We do not currently have any audio description shows booked as of yet.



  • What happens if it rains?

    Pop-up Globe is an all-weather venue. Pop-up Globe is partially covered and all seated areas are under the main roof structure. The Yard is uncovered – and just as in Shakespeare’s own theatre, when it rains then the Groundlings get wet. Please note, umbrellas are not permitted in the Yard.

  • Is there air-conditioning or heating at Pop-up Globe?

    No. The theatre is an open air theatre

  • How does the seating structure work?

    Platinum, A & B Reserve tickets are comfortable backed seats.

    C & D Reserve tickets are a combination of comfortable backed seats and backless wooden benches with cushions.

    Yard seats are backless wooden benches located in the yard (groundlings area). They are open to the elements.

    GA tickets, are our Groundling tickets. This is a standing only area, sitting is not permitted for safety reasons.

    All ticketing details can be found here.

  • Any tips on where to sit?

    No matter where you sit or stand in the Pop-up Globe theatre you will be no more than 15 metres from the stage. So wherever you choose you’ll be close to the action.

    Pop-up Globe is based on staging of the second Globe theatre as much as possible. There are two large structural pillars situated on the stage and because the actors play in 360 degrees, it is likely that no matter where you sit or stand your view may be slightly restricted or you may miss a line or two! The action on stage moves quickly so no matter where you are situated you might see and hear something completely different from someone on the other side of the stage.

    This unique theatre has seating options for everyone. Use the seating map to find the ideal location for you.

  • I’m really short – will I be able to see the action from the Groundling area?

    Because the Groundlings may stand anywhere in the Yard, you can move around to gain the best possible advantage for your height.

  • What if I’m running late? What time do the gates close?

    We recommend arriving on time in order to reach your seats with ease and to see the full performance.

    If you are running late, don’t panic, Pop-up Globe admits all latecomers with a valid ticket even after the show has started.

    Due to the large and easily accessible nature of the theatre, coupled with the length of the programmed shows, Pop-up Globe operates an open door policy throughout all productions at all times which means all audience members can exit and re-enter as required.

  • Can I take photographs or video during the performance?

    Photographs without flash are permitted in the theatre, providing camera usage is not distracting to fellow audience members, or to the actors on stage. Please be respectful of those around you and their own viewing experience.

    It is not permitted to film any video in the theatre without prior written approval from Pop-up Globe’s marketing department. Contact hello@popupglobe.co.nz.

  • I came to the theatre and lost something. Who do I contact?

    Please email boxoffice@popupglobe.co.nz
    Office hours are 9am – 6pm, Monday – Friday.


  • What are the running times for performances?

    Productions at Pop-up Globe run for two hours and thirty minutes, including an interval. This is around the same length of time that most performances took 400 years ago. We know this because in Romeo and Juliet, the Prologue mentions the ‘two hours traffic of our stage’.

  • What is the difference between a preview and a normal show in the season?

    Previews give the directors the chance to do a final polish of the shows in front of an audience before the official opening night.

    Previews take place prior to the official opening night and prior to press reviews being published.

    Please note: Whilst extremely rare, directors reserve the right to stop a preview performance if absolutely required.

  • Is Pop-up Globe suitable for children?

    Pop-up Globe is most suitable for those aged ten and up. Each child must have their own ticket and sit in their own seat. All children under 13 years must be with a caregiver at all times.

  • Two hours and thirty minutes is quite a long time. Can I leave/return during the performance if I need to?

    Absolutely. Pop-up Globe operates an open door policy that means all audiences members can exit and re-enter the space as required. Please keep your ticket until the end of the performance in case we need to scan you in and out of the theatre.


  • Where is Pop-up Globe Auckland?

    Pop-up Globe is located at 80 Ascot Avenue, Ellerslie Racecourse, Auckland.

    More location information, including a map can be found on our homepage.

  • How do I get to Pop-up Globe Auckland?

    Pop-up Globe is located at Ellerslie Racecourse, in Auckland, New Zealand.

    There is plenty of free on-site parking, the car park is located only a few minutes walk from the grounds
    The carpark is located off Ascot Avenue or when coming down from Remuera take the exit by Ascot Hospital and follow the directional signage to the car park.

    The train station is located a seven minute walk from the racecourse.
    From Britomart catch the Onehunga line, disembark at the Greenlane station (stop 113) approx $3.10 for an adult one way.
    To plan your train journey, visit: https://at.govt.nz/bus-train-ferry/

    Bus stop,1765, Greenlane East, and 1718, Ascot Avenue are both within one or two minutes from Pop-up Globe.
    There are a great deal of other bus stops not far from Pop-up Globe which are well served by a range of buses.
    To plan your bus journey, visit: https://at.govt.nz/bus-train-ferry/

    Ask for Ellerslie Racecourse, Greenlane, or use UBER.
    Auckland Co-op Taxis: 09 300 3000
    Auckland Corporate Cabs: 09 377 0773

  • Where can I smoke?

    There are a few designated smoking areas. Please refer to signage on site.

  • Can I bring food and/or drinks into the venue?

    Bringing food or drinks into Pop-up Globe is not permitted. Beverages purchased on site will be permitted into the theatre. Catering is available for groups by prior arrangement – contact boxoffice@popupglobe.co.nz.